Not only did I manage to get clear focused shots of my ever so active daughter, I relived the lead-up to those moments through Motion Snapshot! Watching the short previews reminds me of the fun we had that day and it just puts a smile on my face.
Shu Min, 32
Mother of a 2-year old
With the Smart Photo Selector feature, I get a choice of 5 best shots with a single snap! That’s how I managed to capture the best moments of the prank we played on my friend. Great quality pictures without confusing buttons and settings!
Daphne, 24
Compact digital camera user
Impressive Full HD video quality! The ability to take snapshots while filming saves me the trouble of fumbling back and forth from video mode to camera mode when photo opportunities arise. By far the best picture quality for any snapshot from video out in the market.
Lokman, 35
Independent videographer / filmmaker
There’s no excuse to miss any action with 60fps continuous shooting. One snap, and full resolution sequence shots turn out perfect and ready for print! I’m packing it along for my next basketball match!
Wee Teck, 28
Outgoing sports enthusiast
The Smart Photo Selector feature made it possible to catch all the best bits of my boyfriend’s football match on camera; because with every shot there were four more I could choose from! The amazingly fast Auto Focus ensured sharp and crisp pictures even with all the action going on.
Junne, 22
Avid photo-blogger
To me, lenses are like a pair of eyes with special powers; capturing photos the way I want them to be. With interchangeable 1 NIKKOR lenses, the Nikon 1 is a compact digital camera with an amazing asset! Natural colour and in perfect exposure, it produces quality comparable to a DSLR.
Dee, 29
DSLR user
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