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Outgoing or homely, experimental or laid-back, whichever depicts your lifestyle, you can find a COOLPIX that is your match! Merging advanced imaging technology and tasteful styling, COOLPIX embrace the addition of 12 new models to its range. Let's say 'Hello' to THE NEW NIKON COOLPIX LINE-UP.
Happy Traveller
For those who relish the outs and abouts
Nikon brings scenic views and unforgettable memories you have created overseas closer to you with these COOLPIX cameras that feature outstanding zoom capabilities.
Available Colours
Phenomenal zooming power
Glamour Crew
For those who would never be caught without style
Carry around a camera as fabulous as you are! Decked in a variety of vivid colours and creative functions, these COOLPIX cameras will ensure that you turn heads wherever you go!
Available Colours
Beautiful and creative images at your fingertips
Family Love
For those who truly embrace kinship
Featuring user-friendly interface designs with sharp and fast focusing, the COOLPIX cameras in this category ensure that you will never miss another precious moment!
Available Colours
Getting closer, sharper and faster with 26x zoom
Night Venturer
For those who come alive at night
The COOLPIX cameras in this category feature impressive low light and image stabilizing capabilities; eliminating noise, shakes, and blurs to produce precise shots with every click.
Available Colours
Capturing the night better than ever