HWZ December '12 Gift Guide Feature - Surviving The Apocalypse
Look around you. Are the objects you see sufficient to ensure your survival in a world overrun by flesh-eating zombies? Or one plunged into constant darkness and never-ending winter? How will that docking station you just bought hold up if the polar ice caps melt and global warming becomes, not an inconvenient truth, but a soggy, water-laden reality?

Fret not, this essential HWZ gadget guide will serve as the beacon of light to guide you through the darkness. In these pages we have laid out every potential scenario for the impending apocalypse, as well as a curated selection of products that will help you survive them. And if it turns out that the apocalypse didn’t happen after all, count yourself lucky, they make lovely Christmas gifts too.
Zombie Apocalypse   Robot Uprising   Nuclear Holocaust
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