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Go beyond your imagination
What would you like your printer to do besides printing?

Help you sort your photos and make useful stationery like calendars, stickers and business cards out of them? Create and print collages made with your photos on Facebook? Or even oblige your love for artistic expressions by letting you create your very own origami zoo?

It may all seem too much to ask for a home printer, but with the new Canon PIXMA line-up, it’s all an imaginable possibility!

How good are you at getting a job done?

Put your skills to the test with our fun and simple game, and stand to win a Canon PIXMA MG3170 printer!

Play now!

Play now!
Good impressions count

Printers have never looked this good. Coated in its usual sleek finish, the ever stylish PIXMA is now designed with a splash of colour* for the first time so
you can pick the one that suits your décor best.

*selected models only
Next stop: Wonderland

Never mind boundaries and just come along! Let Canon PIXMA take you on an imaginative flight of fancy; further than your eyes can see!

Just a link away

When you need to get things done, it’s all about having the right connections. Canon PIXMA not only gets you connected to networks, it also links up with your devices so you can enjoy the convenience of direct printing.

Peace of mind

Canon PIXMA printers are designed with clever
features to help you to be more productive through
time and resource saving methods.

We’ve got the right tools

Along with the outstanding capabilities of the Canon PIXMA printers, is the excellent technology that lies behind.


Canon takes pride and effort to be considerate towards the environment. Which is we continuously upgrade our technology in hopes to reduce CO² emissions. Go Green!

Your task on hand:

To complete 3 print jobs without getting caught or distracted. On top of that, you need to beat the ticking clock. 1 successful Task Ranger will get to win a cool new Canon PIXMA MG3170. So, are you fast enough to complete the task?