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Digital signage displays are very commonly used these days in educational, retail, public and commercial signage applications to get messages across in a more effective and attractive manner. The V series from NEC offers digital signage displays in a variety of sizes and functions; providing you with ample choice to satisfy your display requirements.

The V series feature Full HD compatible LCD displays that ensure impactful and efficient delivery of your marketing messages. Projectors in this series are designed with built–in speakers and DVI–D IN and DVI–D OUT connectors to enable daisy chaining of digital signals, which will prevent signal degradation during transmission. The DisplayPort connector, which can receive both video and audio signals, supports hi–speed signal transmission up to 10.8 G bps, high resolution display and long signal transmission distances which is essential for exhibitions and events.

The displays are easily operated with either the use of a remote control or via LAN control by connection through a network. Use it together with a Media Player or Media Player Board and you get superior cost performance digital signage systems.

The V651–TM and V462–TM models allow interactive displays with their touch panel systems that features 4–6mm scratch–resistant reinforced glass and the possibility of up to 4 point multi–touch input; no electronic pen needed. An added expansion slot allows the embedding of an internal PC, giving you the freedom to set up a display virtually anywhere, even at places that do not have sufficient space for display devices like computers and display controllers.

The models in the V Series include V651–TM, V462–TM, V651, V551, V462, V422 and V322.

The Line–up

With an array of high performance display solutions, you can always turn to NEC to find the right product that caters to your display requirements. You can browse through our various product categories and download the PDF version of different product brochures for more information.

  1. The V Series consist of a range of ___________.

  2. There are several models in the V Series but they only come in one standard size.

  3. All the models in the V Series are design with ___________ speakers.

  4. The DisplayPort connector is able to support hi–speed signal transmissions of up to ___________ Gbps.

  5. How many touch–screen models are there in the V Series?

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