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Special content sponsored by OpenNet
Life in the FAST LANE
We can all relate to being busy - it’s part and parcel of the Singapore lifestyle. Whether it’s rushing to catch the MRT to work, meeting a tight work deadline, picking up the children from school or meeting friends and family for dinner, the last thing you need is a slow internet connection taking up your valuable time.
Huge work files downloaded with fast speed, smooth uninterrupted video chats with your loved ones, playing that cool new game with your nephew, the never-ending history assignment that's hard to research - all of these and more can be achieved with ultra-fast fibre optic broadband technology!

Singapore’s all-fibre network, OpenNet, will revolutionise your home, the way you work and how you connect with your friends and family. Freelance graphic designer Kyle Neo says, "My graphics-rich design work requires the ability to handle large files and to multi-task on several aspects of a project simultaneously. Fibre-optic technology enables me to manage several processes at the same time with seamless efficiency and speed."
It’s all about speed and delivery of information.
As the main internet user at home, I am glad to have made
the switch from ADSL to fibre broadband. The almost-
instantaneous fibre broadband connection just makes
things so much better when I'm downloading huge
files from school, streaming my favourite movies,
drama serials and playing online games.

Jaslyn Tan, 22,
Local university student

I spend four to six hours a day on online gaming and my current fibre broadband connection offers excellent speed and less downtime. Buffering of movies online is much faster too.

Goh Ee Chye, 20, Avid online gamer

As households all across Singapore connect to the web via their computers, TVs, game consoles, tablets, and smart phones; downloading information should be simple and easy. With OpenNet, you will enjoy enhanced download speed and stability, as One Fibre can connect all these devices and more.

Who says life in the fast lane can’t be stress-free?

From gaming and entertainment, to education and working from home; say goodbye to long download times and frequent disconnections! Hop on to the information super highway with OpenNet, the first nationwide fibre network that lets you experience the Internet at blazing fast speeds! For details on fibre broadband packages, visit any Internet Service Provider that uses OpenNet Fibre.
This message is brought to you by OpenNet - One Fibre for the ultimate broadband experience