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Live Smart; with the capability to share your media seamlessly anytime, anywhere at home - welcome to a life without boundaries with Panasonic's Home Entertainment Solutions.

Family movie night has never quite been the same with Panasonic Home Entertainment Systems! The SC-HTB550 Home Theatre and DMP-BDT320 Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc are both powerful and stylish - taking up little precious space yet providing a 5.1 channel full surround experience.

Multi Positional Speakers & Wireless Subwoofer
Finding an ideal place to position speakers is always tricky, and wires getting tangled are such an eyesore at home. However, with the SC-HTB550 Home Theatre System's Multi Positional Speakers & Wireless Subwoofer, our living room has never been better looking with ample flexibility and customisation possibilities!

Smart Eco Sensor
The family was in for a surprise as they gathered around the TV! The built in Smart Eco Sensor on the DMP-BDT320 Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player detects heat and turned the device on automatically, allowing us to relax on the sofa immediately without the hassle of having to start up the system.

VIERA Connect
After our movie ended, the family needed other entertainment options! Utilizing the VIERA Connect function (available on all of the 3D Blu-ray home theatre system's and players), our ordinary TV was turned into a SMART TV and we were able to go online and chat on Skype and watch our favourite YouTube videos in absolute clarity on our large TV screen!

Family movie night is now more immersive and interactive than ever, and the smiles and laughter all around are all thanks to the SC- HTB550 Home Theatre and DMP-BDT320 Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player!

After 3 long years of studying, my friends and I finally graduated today! To celebrate, we decided to host a party at my house - and it was a blast thanks to Panasonic Home Entertainment Systems! A fusion of style and unmatched quality, the SC-BTT583 Home Theatre System and the SC-HC37 Compact Stereo System ensured we had the best party of our lives!

Smartphone/Tablet Remote Control
Time to get the party rolling with some live entertainment! We decided to turn down the music and switch to watching a concert of our favourite band on blueray. Oh no, where's the remote control? Thankfully for the Smart Phone Remote Control function featured on the SC-BTT583 Home Theatre, all I had to do was whip out my trusty smartphone and conveniently turn it into a usable remote control; it works with tablets too! With just a simple shake of my smart device, I could operate various functions on the home theatre, and an easy slide was all it took to fast forward or rewind!

Pure, Brilliant Sound
Sound is the key factor for a successful party, and the devices wowed me with the impressive Pure, Brilliant Sound! The bass boomed deep yet crystal clear on the SC-BTT583 Home Theatre System, and the sound quality was just excellent - it was as if the concert was happening right there in my home!

Wall Mountable, Sleek Design
As the night got later, we decided to tone down the mood of the party and proceeded to my room to listen to just sit back and hang out. I just got the SC-HC37 Compact Stereo System as a new addition to my room and I was excited to show it to my friends! The SC-HC37 has an iPod/iPhone docking feature which allowed us to conveniently share what we have on our playlists. Direct-Vocal Surround really brings out the vocals, ensuring sharp and crisp sound quality. Thanks to its Wall Mountable capability, the SC-HC37 took up minimal space in my room, and its sleek design blended in perfectly with the decor - adding an extra touch of style.

Unmatched sound, unmatched energy, unmatched quality. Entertainment at home is now even better than ever; thanks to the SC-BTT583 Home Theatre System and the SC-HC37 Compact Stereo System!