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GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus Trial

3 groups of parent and child were given the chance to explore the smart features of the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus for a week. How would they rate its performance and are the e-assessment apps a valuable integration in their opinion? Let’s find out.

Congratulations to our winners! A Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus is theirs to keep! - Joshua Robinson & Mum, Georgina Wong
The new Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus is soooo much better than its old version we have (Samsung P1000). For example, the new Tab’s picture quality is excellent and it has its own 3G that is so awesome! But even though it is better in some areas, the old tab has a longer battery life.

The P5 e-assessment was a good app as it stimulates the mind and tells you the answer after you finish the test. Also of all the activities this week, my favourite has to be watching videos on YouTube because the images were very high in quality and there was almost no loading time needed.

My Mum and I didn’t have any problem figuring out how to use it as we’ve had lots of experience with Samsung. Overall it’s slick, quick and sleek!
~ Joshua Robinson (Pri 5, 11 years old)

From the practicalities of daily life as a mum, real estate agent and professional organiser, the new GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus is a Godsend! The new Tab runs on a highly intuitive operating system; very logical to figure out for adults and kids alike.

It’s hard to believe just how many user friendly functions Samsung has managed to pack into the Tab. The telephone reception was very good and using hands-free was much clearer on the 7.0Plus version than older models. Web browsing and downloads were a cinch with this processor.

My 11 year old son and I found the e-Assessments for P5 very simple to use. However, the questions seemed to be in random order, such that some of the questions that appeared in Stage 1 were not due for study until term 3 or 4. A chronological order would perhaps be better.

Apart from the entertainment aspects for family members, this new version gave me very quick responses that made me look good in my real estate profession. Great foresight by Samsung designers to include top Website Bookmarks on the screen top, without having to open up the Browser! Taking high resolution property images that I could manipulate, using the magnetic and Feng Shui compass as well as GPS navigation scored top points. 10/10 awarded for the Calendar Events which include location and participants. Also, its host of new apps is unbeatable!

The Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus gets better in terms of look and feel. For all its processing power, it is of a very acceptable weight. Size-wise, this slim, "book" size is perfect for single-handed holding, even for young children. Overall, the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus is a very neat, compact computing system ideal for those on the road and will be avidly fought over by the entire family.
~ Mum, Georgina Wong

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