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Possibilities Reloaded

Once in a while, you find a product that harmonizes with
your lifestyle so seamlessly; providing you with performance that well surpasses your standards, impeccable user experience and catering to your priorities like no other product has. Peek into the world of possibilities with the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus.

1. The Need for a Tablet

What is the true purpose of a tablet?
Think of it as an extension of your smartphone and notebook. You can use it to check your emails, read an e-book, watch a movie and toss in a round of casual gaming to keep yourself occupied during your daily commute.

2. Memory and Storage

You can’t have enough memory or storage. The former, commonly referred to as random access memory or RAM, is critical for a tablet to perform a smoother multi-tasking operating for multiple apps. And fret not if you have way too many movies to load onto your tablets, because these portable devices come with internal storage of up to 64GB and the option to expand your storage capacity with microSD cards. More importantly, tablets use flash storage with no mechanical parts. Flash storage usually consume less power and provides faster access speeds for your apps.

3. Processor

As the brains of the tablet, the processor is a crucial consideration for a tablet. While the general rule states that faster clock speed and a multi-core processor will improve the overall performance of the tablet, an optimized user interface that works in tandem with the processor is also just as important. In short, get a feel of the tablet and its user interface before you decide to get one.

4. Display Sizes

Be it reading, movie watching or even web browsing, the expanded screen real estate of a tablet makes it easy on the eyes when you view it. Not too enamoured with the generous (but also bigger) 10.1-inch display sizes? There’s always a more comfortable 7.0-inch or 7.7-inch variety to fall back on for your reading needs. And if you are very particular about image quality on your display, you won’t go wrong when you choose a tablet with a higher screen resolution.

5. Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for any tablet, but do check if these tablets support the draft-N protocol which provides faster download speeds. If you wish to have constant connection to the internet, invest in a tablet with high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), otherwise commonly known as 3G. While there are tablets that support HSPA+ speeds of 21Mbps, be aware that these are theoretical speeds reported by your service provider. In reality, typical speeds are usually lower.

6. Battery

Tablets usually come with a high battery stamina, due in part to the ARM processors powering it, combined with the use of hardware with better power consumption. In general, a tablet’s battery mileage can be gleamed from the battery capacity. A higher capacity should equate to a better mileage, though other factors such as a larger screen size or a higher display resolution could affect the overall battery performance.