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GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus Trial

3 groups of parent and child were given the chance to explore the smart features of the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus for a week. How would they rate its performance and are the e-assessment apps a valuable integration in their opinion? Let’s find out.

Keith Khoo & Dad, Kelvin Khoo
When Daddy passed me the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus, my first stop was YouTube to watch my favourite online videos, then Google Play™ to download Game Applications, and finally eAssessment! I was surprised at how fast YouTube performed on the Tab; comparable to our home PC! No problems using the Tab at all even for a first timer!

The eAssessment was a gem as it really provided me with great help in preparation for my SA1. The format for P6 Mathematics was like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I thought I could easily score 100 as Mathematics was my forte, but I failed to do so. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the challenge and had great fun while learning!

Compared to my friend’s GALAXY Tab 7.7, the display is not as sharp. Plus I would prefer if the Tab could shut down completely when not in use as that helps to prolong battery life.
~ Keith Khoo (Pri 6 – 12 Years old)

For a ‘big’ guy like me, holding the 7" Tab was great as it fits in my palm, feeling ‘perfect’! With no buttons, the Tab looks real neat and pleasing. Navigating the Android platform is effortless and easy as all the crucial
buttons are easily within sight and reach. I hardly needed to teach my son, Keith, on how to use the Tab as handling it proved easier than expected.

The main application, eAssessment, was a hit for Keith and he took no more than 20 minutes to complete each module. Interactive learning seems to be the trend and with an efficient display from the Tab, I am not overly concerned about Keith’s sight when he studies via eAssessment. What a perfect combination to be using a Tablet yet studying! Emails can be easily managed with Web Access and home is just a button away too! Surfing on the Tab is second to my PC as compared to using my iPad − thanks to the Adobe® Flash® Player!

To me, however, Voice Call is a really big challenge! Firstly, there are no clear instructions on usage and configuration. Also, the interpretation of my voice was totally insensitive, and it ended up calling some weird entries.

Initially, the comfort zone of using iOS worried me but my fears were totally unfounded. The Android™ platform that the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus runs on is truly designed almost for ALL and I never once felt overwhelmed while using it.

Having the Tab in my hand is like wearing a Patek Philippe − it’s aesthetically stunning, slim, modern and an icon in the Tablet World.
~ Dad, Kelvin Khoo

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